Sunday, December 27

Hello, my name is...

I'm going to get this party started with an introductory post.  My name is April.  I'm a 20-something college student, married to the love of my life and expecting our first child, due in February.  I'm an avid blog reader (have SO many in my favorites!) and finally decided to start my own.  The main reason is that I want a place to journal my progress as I turn our mid-70s ranch style house into our cozy home.

Even as a child, my mind was designing.  When catalogs would arrive in the mail, I would cut out pictures of bedding and accessories, color entire pages for wall color and put room designs together.  This obsession has never died and while I may not be very good at it, it's something I really enjoy.  I love that my husband, M, appreciates my hard work and knows that I'm doing this just for him.  I love that he wants this to feel like our home as much as I do, but allows me creative reign.  I am truly a blessed woman and I owe it all to my Redeemer.

If you decide to read along and follow the journey, welcome!  I hope you won't have too high of expectations because, well, the Nester I am not.  But I am a girl with a passion and a desire to create a home that honors God and the spirit of my family.

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