Thursday, October 24

Birthday Play Dough Kit

Miss A was invited to a birthday party this past weekend.  Since we didn't know the little boy that well, we decided to make a play dough kit. What kid doesn't love play dough?

 photo playdoughkit.jpg

I made 1 recipe of basic play dough, divided it into 6 pieces then added the scents and food color. The small dollar store containers were perfect! I also included a bag with the dry ingredients and instructions for making a batch of Cherry Play Dough.
 photo playdough.jpg
I added the plastic rolling pin and spatula (dollar store finds) and the Halloween cookie cutters. The baggie includes some random things that Miss A enjoys using when playing with play dough...pipe cleaners and googly eyes (great for making animals or monsters), pony beads, pom poms, large metal washers and Popsicle sticks.

Everything was placed in a plastic storage container. I love including a reusable container with kids gifts. It gives Mom a place to store the new toy/kit/game and can be used long after the child outgrows the gift. Win-win.
 photo playdoughtools.jpg
This was such an easy gift to put together and I was happy to hear that the birthday boy loved it! Happy Birthday G!

xo, April

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