Wednesday, July 6

30 By 30

DISCLAIMER:  I now realize that I'm usually the one holding the camera...there are VERY FEW photos of me for this post.  Oh well.

In just eight short months I'm going to turn 30.    I'm not depressed.  I'm not worried.  My life is full of love and happiness.  I have laugh lines around my eyes and I'm proud of them.  I've earned every wrinkle, not-brown hair ;) and stretch mark and I'm proud of who I am. I'm really looking forward to my thirties.  But 30 is quite a milestone. Gulp.  30 years old.  Wow. 

But the truth is, there are things I want to do before I hit this milestone.  Things that I have wanted to do but never got around to (like try Indian food), things I'm scared of (like sleeping outside...don't judge), things I just want to do for the pure enjoyment value (get a mani and pedi).  So, I present to you my 30x30 list (bucket list, whatever you want to call it) in alphabetical order.  As I accomplish them, I'll check them off here.  Rest assured, there will be posts...particularly about the sleeping outside.  ; )  But probably not about the mani and pedi.  Seriously, that'd be lame.
  1. Complete training for prison ministry.
  2. Cook with a new-to-me ingredient.
  3. Get a manicure and pedicure.
  4. Go to a Thai restaurant with Sweet Hubby.  Order something brand new-to-me.
  5. Go to the water park as a family.
  6. Have a picnic in the park…complete with picnic basket and blanket.
  7. Have a session for new family photos.
  8. Join local church for county jail ministry.
  9. Learn to change a tire.
  10. Learn to install trim.
  11. Make brave choices regarding my personal style (clothes, hair, etc.)
  12. Open an etsy shop.
  13. Overcome my fear of power tools by completing an Ana White plan.
  14. Participate in a craft show.
  15. Preserve something in mason jars (preferably home grown produce!)
  16. Read a book (that’s not assigned for a class AND not a children's book.)
  17. Read the owner’s manual for my camera.
  18. Read through the New Testament again.
  19. See a new movie with Sweet Hubby. In a theater. Sans Miss A.
  20. See a theater production.
  21. See my brothers’ band play.
  22. Sleep outside. In a tent.
  23. Spend a day with my cousin’s family.
  24. Spend a weekend totally unplugged. No internet, no Facebook, no TV.
  25. Take a writing class.
  26. Try Indian food.
  27. Visit a new museum.
  28. Visit a state park.
  29. Visit the pumpkin patch.
  30. Watch a sunrise.

So, here's to a life well-lived, full of fun.  Full of facing my fears.  Come on' big three-oh.



Ladybird Ln said...

How fun is this.. I realize I want to do a lot of the same things as you... such as try Indian food, and start an Etsy shop, I also love cooking with new things... I have slept outside numerous times in my life, as a kid I spent most summer nights sleeping on the trampoline! It is a lot of fun, but get a good air mattress!

I think that is really neat you are training for prison ministry, that would take a special person.


AshTreeCottage said...

I just discovered your site and love that play kitchen you created! Just darling!! I am your newest follower.

Susan and Bentley

Sunni @Love Affair with my Brother said...

I love your list. Are those all things that you have never done, or somethings you want to do over?? Whatever they are, I think it is a great list!!