Monday, December 20

Season of Swoon

PhotobucketT'is the Season.  It's the season when pretty much everyone wants to remind Santa (whoever that is in their life) how good they've been and what specific things they'd like to find under their tree or in their stocking.  While we're making honest efforts to make this time of year more meaningful, I'm no different.  I don't need one darn thing, but that doesn't stop me from dreaming. 

Besides, this post isn't about's just a fun list of things I'm swooning over this season, things that make my little heart pitter patter at their beauty and make me wish for an unlimited VISA gift card and free shipping.  So, enjoy my little stroll down Dream Lane.  So, without further ado adieu a deux ...oh, you know!

I love a new pair of socks as much as the next girl (Oh, you're not into socks?  Weird.)  If I knew they'd come in exactly my size and be as comfy as they are in my dreams, these are the threads I'd be adding to my cart this December.  With these joining my closet, I think I could create some cute little outfits.  Maybe.


Exbury Gardens Cardigan from Anthropologie
Rissa Red Floral Cami from Delias
Paper Girl Delivery Cap in Gray from Ruche
Frye Bruce Pull On Dark Brown Boots from Zappos
Vintage Lovebirds Necklace from The Vintage Pearl
Apple of my Eye green trench coat from Ruche
(I knew I forgot something.  I saved a picture of a darling little denim pencil skirt from Anthro. 
Sorry...I'm not adding it in. This Mama is on editing strike!)

For tidying or sprucing up this nest, I'm in love with the following items.  And I could easily argue the need for some of them, especially the cutesy little washing gloves (Hello?  Have you seen my poor winter hands?  Yuck!) 

Ashworth Armoire from Pier One Imports
Adair Bedside Lamp from Pottery Barn
Cherry Washing Up Gloves from Cath Kidston
Cherry Blossom Birdies Print from Etsy seller winborgdesign
Calligraphy Sheet set from Pottery Barn

Miss A gets her own category.  Once again, that little gal needs nothing.  But while we're dreaming....

Birch Tree Vinyl Wall Decal from Etsy Seller artwallproject
Gourmet Kitchen from Pottery Barn Kids
Umbrella Birdies print from Etsy seller winborgdesign (I LOVE this girl's stuff!)

Whew, that was a lot of work!  I think for my birthday I'll just re-direct Sweet Hubby to this post!  Honey, it's just right around the corner!  And I have been a good girl this year...promise!


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