Friday, August 13

Yellow No More

When we moved in, our bathroom was YELLOW.  As in, burn-your-retinas school bus yellow.  Ok, it wasn't really that bad, but it was a little too bright for us. The pictures actually make it look worse than it was. But even if we had loved the color, we still would have needed to repaint due to scratches and stains.  This room also houses our washer and dryer. I apologize for the terrible picture quality...I must have been having a seizure or something when I shot this one, judging by the blurriness. 

Enter my new found obsession with the color turquoise.  As if meant to be, I was able to find a paint color and fabrics for a shower curtain, all at Wal-Mart.  The little metal container on top of the toilet got painted with satin nickel spray paint and the cabinets got a fresh coat of white paint (they were already white, but definitely needed some TLC).  I still have to install the new light fixture (seen on top of the washer in the before pic), but I love the new's happy and refreshing. 

Our house has little storage and I can't hide everything behind cabinet doors.  The cabinet above the toilet could hold lots of supplies, but I can't reach anything if it's on the top or middle shelf.  What good is that?   So, Sweet Hubby installed the shelf above the washer/dryer to hold bath towels and I attached a little curtain over it to hide the appliance plugs.  I also attached fabric to the back of the cabinet walls with spray starch to add a little more color to that side of the room. 

I made the sign above the laundry cabinet.  It says LAUNDRY loads of fun.  It's just a canvas painted with craft paint...very easy project!  One of my favorite projects is my necklace organization, though.  I had two mirrors I bought at a yard sale for $1.  Sweet Hubby helped me screw cup hooks into the bottom of the frames to hang my necklaces on.  I don't wear jewelry that often, but this makes it easily accessible, so I'm more likely to grab something to put on.  I'm still working on accessorizing the rest of the room, but what do you think of my happy little oasis?

This is one of the first rooms I worked on, so I spent a little more than I normally would.  I bought a gallon of paint (cheap stuff from Wal-Mart...I won't do that again) and several yards of fabric (I think $4 a yard?)  The rest was stuff I had and I just used spray paint or craft paint to freshen it up. 

Eventually we'll replace the old yucky linoleum floor (fake rock anyone?) with ceramic tile, but that's not a necessity.  Given what's going through my mind and heart (based on my post yesterday called "Pondering"), I'm rethinking how I go about decorating my home.  I don't spend a lot of money on it, but if it steals my focus from more important pursuits (PEOPLE) then something has to change.  So, we'll see where this takes us...I'm ready for the journey, are you?

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