Thursday, July 8

Project Home

You may notice the new gadget in the right-hand column. It's my Project Home list.  If I don't make lists, I end up wasting away my time, doing this and that, but not accomplishing a whole lot.  Am I the only one with this problem?  The end of the day comes and I think, "What did I DO all day, other than change diapers and make bottles?"  So to combat this issue, I'm making a honey-do list: for myself.  I'm not crazy enough to think I can accomplish everything on the list before school starts.  But I am going to try to get the painting projects done, since those require the most time and effort. 

As I complete things, I'll be crossing them off and updating posts here, to journal my progress.  Hopefully there will be some tutorials and step-by-step instructions, as well as before and after shots.  And with a lot of hard work, by the time school starts, hopefully this place will be looking a lot more homey and less like we just moved in.  Of course, all this has to be done during naptimes, so it will only work if Miss A cooperates.  Judging by the look she's giving me, we'll have to play it by ear.

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